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Teaching Files

The I-ELCAP web-based teaching file is a training tool developed to familiarize its users with various radiological and pathologic appearances of early lung cancer, conditions that simulate lung cancer, and associated findings. It includes a searchable collection of standardized teaching file cases–a ‘Lexicon’–defining the rationale, methods, and terminology used in lung cancer screening, and a self-assessment section. Each teaching file case follows the actual workup of the case and include CT and cytology/pathology images where available. The system currently holds over 90 teaching file cases.

The teaching file is intended to provide standardization and quality control in the workup of screen-detected CT findings according to the I-ELCAP protocol, and enables rapid dissemination of information to participants. Teaching file cases were contributed by I-ELCAP members from different countries around the globe, who wished to share their experience with others.